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So you want to build a website for the next big thing? Great! Though… we know traditional web development can be a pain because of its slow processes and many impossibilities (we’ve been there). That’s why Otis Bay will create your website using Webflow. The major advantage of Webflow is that it requires little coding while providing a wealth of high design possibilities. Our Enterprise certified Webflow specialists can therefore create low-code platforms that have the wow factor and reduce time and marketing budget significantly. Websites are an amplifier, not a hindrance, in realizing your ambitions.

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Why join our low-code revolution?

Save time
By using Webflow, we can develop your website four times faster than your current agency. That’s because barely any coding is required.

Shift focus
Low-code means spending far less time in the back end of websites, which leaves more room to work on the front end. As a result, our Webflow designers can add stunning designs and functionality to your website for the same budget.

Tell great stories
Low-code offers unrestricted design and movement capabilities without compromising quality. Add the visuals and animations you need for telling your story.

Integrate other resources
By using Webflow Apps, you can connect Webflow with third-party applications like HubSpot, Figma and over 2000 others. And if an app for your favorite third-party tool is not available, we’ll build it. This way, we’ll optimally suit your IT needs.

What does it take to get our Webflow experts started?

First of all: your blessing to create a high design website using low-code. To actually start developing, you need a Webflow subscription that our experts can access. We can arrange that for you within our managed agency account, or you can get a Webflow plan yourself. The following prices are all-in (hosting, security, updates):

Otis managed Webflow license

CMS (for blogs or content-driven sites)


BUSINESS (for larger site)


ENTERPRISE (for those needing an enterprise-grade solution)

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